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New German passports contain biometric features. Therefore, all German residents from Florida and the Bamahas are required to apply in person at the Consulate General in Miami by appointment only!

How to apply for a German Passport in Miami

German Passport
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New German passports contain biometric features. Therefore all German residents from Florida and the Bamahas are required to apply in person at the Consulate General in Miami by appointment only!

Information on application procedures and required documents can be found here:

Honorary Consuls in Florida are not entitled to accept passport applications, Applicants from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands please see below!

Passport applications received by mail can no longer be processed!

Passports issued before November 1, 2007 without finger prints remain valid until the expiration date. The validity of old passports cannot be renewed.


Applicants from Florida and the Bahamas:

You can book your appointment online free-of-charge.

These appointments may be booked (at maximum) 4 weeks in advance.

Please book your appointment through a desktop computer only! Appointments booked through mobile devices may not be guaranteed!

Once you have made an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email showing your date and time.

Schedule an appointment online

Due to the refurbishment at the Consulate General from September 19 until the end of November we will not be able to assign long-term appointment periods as we need to reserve the possibility to modify dates. If you are unable to find an appointment in the online system then all available open appointments for that period are booked already. Please keep checking the appointment system on a regular basis as new appointment booking periods will be released periodically.

Book your appointment here:
Appointments for Passport Application


Applicants in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
Applicants residing in the above territories can now apply for a passport with the German Honorary Consul in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Please note, that when applying for a passport with one of our Honorary Consuls, additional fees will apply. Please see link below for additional information (in German only). For appointments, please contact the Honorary Consul directly.

Only complete applications will be processed. Please make sure that you have filled all necessary forms at the time of your appointment.

Please make sure that in case of a name change (e.g. after marriage) or when both parents of a child carry different family names you bring all necessary documentation (Passports, Marriage certificate, Birth certificates of the child and of both parents) and your partner in order to sign a name declaration


Passport Photographs – Specific requirements!

There are specific requirements for passport photos (see link below).

For your convenience, we have listed an establishment near the Consulate General that is able to accomodate these specifications. Please note that the Consulate General can not assume responsibility for the professional ability of the business nor does this constitute a recommendation by the Consulate General. Please state that the photos are for the German Consulate General.

200 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33132
786 838 0316

Sample Photos for Passports

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