Important Information for Visa Applicants


Important information

The Consulate General in Miami will be unable to accept visa applications until further notice due to ongoing remodeling. An exception applies for visa applications that can be handed in by mail due to an existing VIS registration. This registration might exist if you obtained a Schengen after 2/29/2016 or, for visas issued before that date, if the letters “VIS” have been printed on the visa sticker. In such case you application can still be handled at the German Consulate in Miami.

If you wish to request a Schengen visa for a short-term stay in the Schengen area (up to 90 days), please apply at the Spanish Consulate General in Miami.

Should you wish to request a visa for a long-term stay in Germany (more than 90 days), you may apply at any other German Mission in the United States.


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