How to apply for a Visa in Miami


The Consulate General accepts visa applications from residents of Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Bahamas only.

All applications must be submitted in person. Only applicants whose fingerprints are already stored in the VIS-System can apply by mail. This Consulate does not assume any liability for the loss of documents submitted by mail. In exceptional cases you might still be asked to come to the Consulate for an interview.

Honorary Consuls in Florida are not entitled to accept visa applications.

How to arrange for your appointment:

Please schedule your visa appointment free of charge online. A visa appointment may be booked as early as 12 weeks in advance but should not be scheduled later than 15 days prior to your travel date to ensure sufficient time to process your application.

Please book your appointment through a desktop computer only! Appointments booked through mobile devices may not be guaranteed!

Due to constructions at the Consulate General from September 19 until the end of November, we will NOT be able to process any visa applications. Schengen visa applications can be filed at the Consulate General of Spain in Miami. National visas with other German missions in the US (all by appointment only).

Please check the following link for current visa appointments at the German Consulate General. Please note that new appointment slots will be available every 2 weeks:

Visa Appointments

Once you have made the visa appointment you will receive a confirmation email showing the date and time.

Please ensure that the email confirms a visa appointment in the Visa department NOT in the Passport department!

Make sure that you appear on time for your appointment (beginning of the time slot) and allot some 15 minutes for necessary security checks. In case of a delay, you will automatically lose your slot. This may result in longer waiting times or rather the need to rebook your appointment.


Make sure to bring all the required documents as listed in the visa requirements when showing up for your visa appointment to avoid delays in processing of your application.

In order to apply for a visa your passport must have two emtpy pages.

To return your passport with the visa, we exclusively use USPS Overnight Express for mailings within the U.S or Puerto Rico. For this service we charge an extra fee of 25.00 US Dollar, payable in cash or money order only. You can also pick up your passport in person or have it picked up by a person with an authorization letter signed by you. Residents of the Bahamas may submit a prepaid shipping label and envelope from a mail carrier, for example USPS, FedEx, DHL.

At this time, holders of US travel documents issued as refugee travel documents do not require a visa to travel to Germany for tourism, transit or business. Please note that this only encompasses Germany, as other countries of the Schengen agreement may require you to hold a visa. This may be subject to change, therefore check for changes on this website before each trip. As this exception may not be known to some airlines or immigration officers, we suggest you print this information and take it with you. The printout quotes the address of this website and the date, enabling you and others to verify the information and to check if the printout is up to date.

Holders of US travel documents issued as Permit to Re-enter need a visa based on their nationality.

If you have difficulties to find a photoshop capable to take your pictures in the required size, we recommend to arrive 1/2 hour earlier to your appointment and we will direct you to our trusted photoshop (walking distance).

200 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33132
786 838 0316

Only after checking the information in the link below and if you have further questions, please contact the visa department of the Consulate General in Miami at info@miami.diplo.de or call 305-358-0290 during the phone consultation hours Monday - Thursday from 2:30pm - 3:30 pm


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