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Information on translation services in the United States and Germany, provided by the Consulate General.

General Information on Translation and Interpreting Services

As a general rule, the Consulate General cannot produce or certify translations.

General sworn in or authorized interpreters, or interpreters that are qualified for legal and public service interpreting in a way that is comparable to the German system are not available in the U.S. However, for many translations the services of local translators will suffice. Nonetheless, we recommend consulting the respective authorities in Germany to which the translations will be presented to clarify if a translation from the U.S. will be recognized.

The Consulate General cannot assume responsibility for the professional competency or integrity of the persons or firms whose names appear on this list nor does it constitute a recommendation by the Consulate General. If you enter into a contract with any of these service providers, you will be responsible for any and all charges and fees incurred.

This is not a complete list.

Translation Service Providers in the United States (by State)


American Translators Association (ATA): www.atanet.org/

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators (NAJIT): www.najit.org


Arizona Translators & Interpreters, Inc.: https://atiinc.org/

Arizona Courts Interpreters Association (ACIA): www.aciaonline.org


Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters (CAPI): www.coloradointerpreters.org

Colorado Translators Association (CTA): https://cta-web.org

(Southern) California:

Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California (AIJIC): www.aijic.org

Association of Translators and Interpreters in the San Diego Area (ATISDA):

California Court Interpreters Association (CCIA): www.ccia.org

California Federation of Interpreters (CFI): www.calinterpreters.org


Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association (NITA): www.nitanv.org


Utah Translators and Interpreters Association: www.utianet.org

Translation Service Providers in Germany

Translators in Germany can be located via the Dolmetscher- und Übersetzerdatenbank der einzelnen Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland or via the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ). The Consulate General cannot take responsiblity for content, quality or cost of the translations.

Download: Translation Services Information (PDF)

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