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05.05.2022 - Article

With over 30 speakers the ICH BIN EXPAT Family Conference is the one-stop destination for German speaking families moving to or living in the US, covering topics from pregnancy and birth in America up to college applications and studying in Germany.

Are you a German speaking (expat) parent living in the US or planning to move here? Yes? Then join us for the first ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Family Conference from May 13th to 14th.

30+ expert speakers answer questions you will most likely come across during your expat journey as a parent. Check out our wide array of sessions covering everything from

· having a baby in the US

· childcare options

· the US school system

· multilingualism,

· how to apply for high school and college

· and last, but not least those pesky legal and financial topics

Check out the full program at: www.ichbinexpat.com/family_conference

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