Media Training for Young Researchers (June 7)

Flyer Medientraining

Flyer Medientraining, © DWIH New York

26.05.2022 - Article

The DWIH New York partnered with Anja Martini, science editor at the Tagesschau, to offer a free media training for young German-speaking scientists.

What happens during an interview, how do I present myself confidently to journalists, how do I showcase my work in the best wayt? These and more questions will be addressed by Anja Martini, science editor at the Tagesschau, in her media training for German-speaking young scientists.

Part I: Lecture by Anja Martini with focus on:

- the media landscape in Germany

- the special language used in the media

- the usual procedure of a (TV) interview

Everyone is invited to attend the free lecture. By registering via Eventbrite you will receive the access link to the lecture.

Part II: Workshop for selected participants (max. 6 persons)

Following the lecture, selected participants will have the opportunity to be interviewed live in the workshop to gain hands-on experience. The interview will be recorded and the results will be discussed in a small group.

This workshop has a participant limit of six people. If you would like to apply for the workshop, please check the appropriate box and provide a brief description of your research when registering via Eventbrite. Applications will be evaluated by the DWIH New York team and you will be notified via email regarding your participation.

Location & Time

June 7, 2022 – 9am EDT / 3pm CEST

Online (Webex)

Please register here.

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