German Perceptions of America: Influences, Ideas, and Imaginations (September 22)

Headshot of Author and Journalist Martin Klingst

Headshot of Author and Journalist Martin Klingst, © Martin Klingst

08.09.2022 - Article

Author and journalist Martin Klingst (In Trump’s America, Reclam, 2018) will discuss with Dr. Jackson Janes how German ideas of the US have evolved over the years.

Please join Friends of Freiburg’s first program of fall 2022!

Friends of Freiburg are thrilled to welcome Martin Klingst in conversation with Dr. Jackson Janes on the topic of “German Perceptions of America: Influences, Ideas, and Imaginations.” Martin Klingst is a prolific writer, distinguished reporter and political communicator working at the crux of German-American relations. He has published a number of books in recent years, including “Trump's America: A Journey to a White Man's Land” (2018) and “Guido Goldman: Transatlantic Bridge Builder” (2021). We will discuss how Germans have viewed America over the years, and how political and cultural events have transformed these ideas.

About the Speaker:
Martin Klingst is a Senior Fellow with the German Marshall Fund and the Atlantik-Brücke. Before he served as Chief Speechwriter and Head of Strategic Communications at the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Germany (2020-2021), as a Senior Political Correspondent with DIE ZEIT in Berlin, Germany (2014-2020), and as his paper’s Bureau Chief in Washington DC (2007-2014) as well as DIE ZEIT’s Senior Political Editor and Managing Editor of the political section in Hamburg (1998-2007).

Mr. Klingst studied law in Freiburg, Geneva and Hamburg and worked for the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Hamburg. In 2006, he was a fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. Before assuming his position with DIE ZEIT, Mr. Klingst worked as a journalist for the North German Public Broadcasting Corporation NDR and the weekly paper Deutsches Allgemeines Sonntagsblatt. He has written about domestic issues and international affairs. He covered the Balkan wars, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the transatlantic relations and in 2015 and 2016 the European refugee crisis.

In 2012 Mr. Klingst was honored with the George F. Kennan editorial award and in 2016 with the German Reporter Award. In 2016 Reclam published his book Menschenrechte (human rights) and in 2018 Trumps Amerika. Reise in ein weißes Land (Trump’s America: A Journey to a White Man’s Land). In January 2021 Herder published his biography about Guido Goldman: Amerikas Mr. Germany, and in September 2021 an English version of this book about the GMF-founder was also published by Berghahn Books, New York, under the title: Guido Goldman. Transatlantic Bridge Builder.

Location & Time

Online (Zoom)

September 22, 2022 – 12pm ET

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