Group Exhibition INTERACTIVITY with German Artist Annette Werndl (November 11)

Interactivity Flyer

Interactivity Flyer, © AMRM Gallery

03.11.2022 - Article

From November 10th through December 15th, 2022, AMRM Gallery will present a group
exhibition titled INTERACTIVITY, featuring abstract contemporary paintings and sculptures of seven artists: Alysha Marko, Angela China, Annette Werndl, Guillermo Araujo, Miguel Otero Fuentes, Nancy Pantirer, and Tiffany Zhu. The theme of interaction and connectedness is central to the show, which is curated to resonate reflections on relationships among art, human, and society.
The selected artwork arrangement includes abstract art based on forms that exist in reality or created through imagination and examination..The paintings of Alysha Marko and Angela China feature figures that seemingly contemplate their individual psychology and personality within a non-representational environment. The works of Guillermo Araujo and Tiffany Zhu explore novel worlds and possibilities using distinct patterns and whimsical forms, giving a fairytalesque take on concrete objects and landmarks. German artist Annette Werndl and Nancy Pantirer reduce and simplify regulated systems to metaphysical references of nature and urban landscapes in their bold color field paintings. Artworks by Annette Werndl are also on disply all through November at Gallerie Hudson (197 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ). The sculptures by Miguel Otero Fuentes “oscillate between the visible and the invisible” with “material, dimension, number, light, space, form, and meaning.” While presented in unique abstract manners, the artworks express different perspectives and offer viewers various possibilities to conceptualize and perceive the real world. The artworks themselves communicate with each other in the gallery space, as if the seven artists were exchanging their processes in creating as well as precious memories and arbitrary dreams.
The term “interactivity” describes the communication system’s unique capacity to “respond back.” This is societally and artistically significant in our living world as it promotes a sense of belonging and security, always desired, breathing in and out the multicultural air in thriving environments like New York City, where we learn to form an amalgamation of differences. Interactivities between citizens and travelers are what allow the city and its multicultural commentaries to continually grow by developing and maintaining vitalities. AMRM Gallery welcomes you to perceive the dynamic interplay between artworks, artists, viewers, and the living environment we are in through a united galaxy of vivid colors, motifs, and forms that are expressive and experimental in INTERACTIVITY.

Location & Time

Opening Thursday Nov 10th 6-8 pm EST
13 e 69th st, Fifth fl
New York, NY 10021

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