White Christmas at the Triad - A tribute to the life and music of Irving Berlin (December 3)

Chanteuse Adrienne Haan

Chanteuse Adrienne Haan, © André Hernot

01.12.2022 - Article

A tribute to the life and music of Irving Berlin.

Award winning Chanteuse Internationale Adrienne Haan and her long time music director Richard Danley on piano and vocals are bringing back “White Christmas at the Triad” in its fourth year due to popular demand!
Written by Creative Director Laurence Pierron, this soirée tells the life story of great American composer Irving Berlin: From Imperial Russia to Antwerp in Belgium, via Ellis Island to the lower East Side as a child, all the way to Beekman Place, Broadway and Hollywood as and adult; And….his surprisingly close relation to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!
Combining their talents, Adrienne Haan and Richard Danley are presenting some of the most beautiful (Christmas) songs and as well as lesser known oeuvres of the fabulous American composer to start off the festive season with beloved music for young and old.

Featuring Adrienne Haan
With Richard Danley as Music Director (and vocals)
Directed, choreographed and staged by Adrienne Haan
Written by Creative Director Laurence Pierron
Produced by Peter Martin and Joseph Barry

Location & Time

December 3, 2 pm

December 7, 7 pm

Triad Theater

158 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023, United States

Tickets, December 3, 2 pm: https://www.instantseats.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=buy.event&eventID=3FB8447A-E289-E40E-6E41A37E768B8DBC

Tickets, December 7, 7 pm: https://www.instantseats.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=buy.event&eventID=3FB84565-F754-3E8E-B704045ECA458C6C

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