BELLADONNA (March 8th)


BELLADONNA, © Galli Theater NY

01.03.2023 - Article

A one woman show in lieu of International Women’s Day! All benefits will be donated to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.

Belladonna: How should a woman act?

Become a great actress and take over the stages in this world!

This is the dream of Josephine, the character in this play, who tries to become an actress by studying drama at home. She soon discovers how many roles women have to master nowadays, not only on stage but in daily life.

A night filled with humor, fun, craziness, sadness and guaranteed self-reflection, as Josephine tries to answer the question: Who actually am I ?

The play Belladonna by Johannes Galli is based on the fairytale Rumpelstiltskin, and gives an answer to the question: How can a miller’s daughter become a queen?

Link: https://gallitheaternyc.com/events/belladonna-on-international-womens-day/

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