#DWIHzeitgeist – Building Bridges via Internationalization of Medical Education (April 4th)

#DWIHzeitgeist – Building Bridges via Internationalization of Medical Education

#DWIHzeitgeist – Building Bridges via Internationalization of Medical Education, © DWIH New York

13.03.2023 - Article

Join the DWIH New York for an interactive conversation to learn about how the internalization of medical education can help create a global healthcare community.

The impact of the global COVID pandemic, along with current international conflicts, resulted in increased deglobalization, nationalism in healthcare and political policies. The above fostered an inward focus on national political, socioeconomic, and societal challenges. At the same time, the pandemic emphasized the importance of transnational connectivity and understanding for global collaboration in healthcare to improve the health of all people worldwide.

Internationalization of Medical Education (IoME) can play a crucial role in preparing our next generation of healthcare leaders for this transformative transnational work. IoME helps medical students acquire an understanding and appreciation of belonging to a global healthcare community (transcending national borders), develop the ability to collaborate globally, and respect medicine in other countries in a culturally sensitive manner. Thereby reducing healthcare nationalism long-term.

Motivations and formats in IoME are determined by constantly changing political, economic, socio-cultural, and academic influences and rationales. The liberal model in IoME, with a focus on international understanding, is providing a role for students as ambassadors of goodwill. It supports soft diplomacy and promotes better understanding between nations. However, this motivation rarely plays a dominant role in medical education.

This webinar will shed light on IoME efforts, motivations, current formats, and actions.

Registration is free but required to attend the event.

Date and Time: April 4, 2023 – 12PM – 1:30PM (EDT) / 6PM – 7:30PM (CEST)

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