''Il Fait Beau'' - The Weather is Nice (June 11-17)

''Il Fait Beau''  - The Weather is Nice ​​​​​​​

''Il Fait Beau'' - The Weather is Nice ​​​​​​​, © Leonardo Cariglino

09.05.2023 - Article

A post lockdown urban fairytale about reaching out for love and connection despite the risk of not obtaining it. By Germany-raised Greek-Italian filmmaker Leonardo Cariglino.

The young french expat, Jean lives isolated and alienated from human contact but a dear voice message from his mother urges him to go out. As he goes out of his way to make human contact despite being afraid of it, he discovers the girl Sara behind the shelves at the FEBO snack bar where she is filling the shelves with burgers and croquettes. A back and forth flirt begins without Jean ever exposing himself to Sara. When Sara writes Jean a message which she places in one of these shelves, another FEBO guest threatens to receive that message by mistake. Jean finally dares to come out of his hiding spot and confront his fears and to fight for that croquette where the message for him is hidden.


- June 11 at 12:15 PM is the World premiere is on at the Village East Cinema room 6

- at June 13th at 9:00 AM A press/industry screenings at AMC room 1

- June 14th at 5:45 PM at Village East Cinema New York

- June 17th at 3:15 PM at AMC


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