Reading: “The last child wears fur!” (September 17th)

Das letzte Kind trägt Fell!“

“Das letzte Kind trägt Fell!”, © Mary Addari

27.07.2023 - Article

Reading in German from a satirical book about our dogs, their humans, and the incredible things we do to make our four-legged friends happy.

German former TV-presenter, entertainer, and book author Sylvia Brécko comes to New York for a reading from her book “Das letzte Kind trägt Fell!” Her eponymous cabaret show had its English premiere called “Fur Baby” in Australia earlier this year.

The 60-minute reading at the beautiful Harlem Rose Garden will be in German with an English introduction on Sunday, 17th September at noon. Come and join Sylvia as she explores in her humorous and self-ironic reading!

What it means to become and be a fur mama (or papa!). Topics of Sylvia’s book are:

- How can you resist your dog’s gaze when he’s sitting in front of your table during dinner or in front of your bed, when it’s time to go to sleep?

- What can you do, when your 30 Kilogram dog is utterly convinced she’s a lapdog?

-How do you manage to collect the right pile of poo when your dog immediately moves away from the scene of crime?

Date and Time: Sunday, September 17th, 12pm

Location: Harlem Rose Graden, 6 East 129 St (between Madison and Fifth Ave)


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