Humanities for Humans: World on the Move (December 7th)

1014 - Humanities for Humans: World on the Move (Dezember 7th)

1014 - Humanities for Humans: World on the Move (Dezember 7th), © Courtesy of 1014

16.11.2023 - Article

This trans-Atlantic conversation about migration, part of a series called Humanities for Humans explores current migration trends, why they are happening, and how the role of so-called “race” have influenced the history of migration.

We’re told by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees that more people are currently in motion across the planet than even during the previous peak in the wake of the Second World War.

Legal Scholar and Professor Kathryn Abrams, University of California, Berkeley and Migration and Racism Expert and Independent Scholar Mark Terkessidis, Berlin, Germany, will address such questions as: Who is moving and why? From where? To where? Should we be differentiating among people on the move? Is there a human right to move? To move when your home is a war zone? An ecological disaster zone? An economic disaster zone? Can places to which migrants want to move accommodate them? Why are so many political parties on the right in receiving nations using migration issues to motivate voters? How do terms and narratives used for would be migrants affect what receiving populations think about them? Are “dangers” real or made up with regard to cultures being changed by incoming groups who don’t speak the currently dominant language or practice currently dominant religions? What roles have so-called “race” and the realities of multicultural societies played in the history of migration and play today?

Our experts will also report on the creativity and agency of migrants themselves in defending their rights and achieving their goals of new and safer lives for themselves and their children, as well as offer examples of contexts, initiatives and programs through which some receiving countries have made a start toward supporting or integrating migrants. Moderated by Professor Irene Kacandes, Dartmouth College.

In Partnership with the Walter de Gruyter Foundation.

This event is part of a series called “Humanities for Humans”, presented in partnership with the Walter de Gruyter Foundation (Berlin). Across eight sessions — four in-person and four virtual — the series brings people together to help generate a better understanding of what the humanities are and what role they can play in today’s complex world.

Date and Time: Thursday, December 7, 2023 – 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

Location: virtual - Zoom

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