Vox & Wood Nymphs – Two Ballets by Miro Magloire (February 16 & 17)

Vox & Wood Nymphs – Two Ballets by Miro Magloire (February 16 & 17)

Vox & Wood Nymphs – Two Ballets by Miro Magloire (February 16 & 17), © Steven Pisano

31.01.2024 - Article

New Chamber Ballet presents the world premiere of Vox, a new ballet by Miro Magloire to music by Elizabeth Gartman, and the revival of Wood Nymphs, to music by Franz Liszt.

German-born Choreographer Miro Magloire continues his New Chamber Ballet's 2023-24 season with the world premiere of Vox, to an original score for piano and violin by young composer Elizabeth Gartman, and Wood Nymphs, set to romantic piano pieces by Franz Liszt, February 16 & 17 at the Mark Morris Dance Center, 3 Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn.

Vox is the result of a multi-year collaboration with Gartman, following a 2021 duet called Deep Breath, which critic Leigh Witchel called “bracing, daring, and calmly radical”. The score for piano and violin is inspired by the mechanics of vocal music. Incorporating interviews with the dancers about their (real and metaphorical) voices, the dance is as much a portrait of the artists as a reflection on the emotional parallels between singing and dancing.

In Wood Nymphs (originally premiered in 2014), a group of supernatural characters display very human traits of longing, fear and desire in a series of encounters, set to lush, Romantic piano pieces by Franz Liszt. “Everything in this piece is interplay of technique and equilibrium between the four dancers... with music and choreography that remind us of our own humanity, Magloire, with New Chamber Ballet, will continue to show us what is possible for ballet.” (Tara Lindis, Times Square Chronicle)

Both works will be performed in New Chamber Ballet's signature, in-the-round setup, with the audience seated up-close and able to see the kaleidoscopic choreography from various angles. As always at New Chamber Ballet, the music will be performed live.

Performers include the dancers Anabel Alpert, Megan Foley, Nicole McGinnis, Amber Neff, Rachele Perla, and Kayla Schmitt; as well as Doori Na (violin) and Melody Fader (piano).

“It's heartening to see work so focused on the meeting of dance and music.” -Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times

Tickets: $38

This performance is supported by the Amphion Foundation and the Aaron Copland Fund for Music. Elizabeth Gartman's music for Vox was commissioned by the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation.

Date and Time: February 16 & 17, 2024 at 7:30 PM

Location: James and Martha Duffy Performance Space at the Mark Morris Dance Center, 3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

More information:

There are individual ticket links:

Fri 2/16 https://ncb-vox-216.eventbrite.com

Sat 2/17 https://ncb-vox-217.eventbrite.com

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