PS122 Gallery - Fallow Frames (March 9)

PS122 Gallery - Fallow Frames (March 9)

PS122 Gallery - Fallow Frames (March 9), © Alexa Hoyer, Fallow Frames, 2023

28.02.2024 - Article

PS122 in New York is pleased to announce a group exhibition featuring artists: Liz Atz (USA), Alexandra Borovski (Moldova, USA), Lee Cannarozzo (Italy, USA), Matt Freedman (USA), Alexa Hoyer (Germany), Katarina Jerinic (USA), Ethan Shoshan (USA), Jude Tallichet (USA), Alexander Zev (USA)

A tree bed is a small plot of land carved out from the solid pavement of the sidewalk
— a common sight across numerous neighborhoods in New York City. While many
nurture trees, plant life, and vegetation, a significant number are neglected or
abandoned — overlooked corners in a city that typically puts great value on space.
Ubiquitous yet enigmatic, they appear like gaps or voids in the city’s concrete
landscape with questions about their nature and purpose. In 2023, Alexa Hoyer
meticulously mapped and documented these spaces in various states of dereliction
in her neighborhood of Ridgewood, Queens, capturing a unique perspective on the
distinctive topography of New York City. The exposed earth, sometimes weathered
and strewn with debris, becomes a canvas for contemplation, unveiling new layers of
meaning within the material of our everyday environments. The project inspired her
to curate “Fallow Frames,” a group exhibition exploring these pervasive yet
mysterious spaces in terms of form, culture, and architecture.

Date and Time: March 9 - 31 2024
The opening reception is Saturday, March 9th, 6-8 PM

Location: PS122 Gallery, 150 First Avenue, New York, NY 10009

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