Exhibition “BERLIN >> BROOKLYN” by ep.contemporary (through July 7)

Exhibition BERLIN >> BROOKLYN by ep.contemporary (through July 7)

Exhibition “BERLIN >> BROOKLYN” by ep.contemporary (through July 7), © ep.contemporary, Matthias Hagemann, 2020

23.05.2024 - Article

Twelve Artists from ep.contemporary will be visiting the 440 Gallery for a collaborative exhibition from June 6 - July 7, 2024.

Two artist-run spaces on both sides of the Atlantic look and act unconsciously like sister galleries.

Ophelia Beckmann, Angela Bröhan, Albert Coers, Matthias Hagemann, Georgia Krawiec, Uschi Krempel, Celia Mehnert, Martina Reichelt, Bodo Rott, Dorothea Schutsch, Sabine Wild and Anne Wodtcke from ep.contemporary, founded 2016 in Berlin, present paintings, drawings, photographies and collages at 440 Gallery Brooklyn in June before the NY-based artists will make a Berlin return visit mid of July.

Date and Time:

Exhibition: through July 7, 2024

Location: 440 Gallery, 440 6th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215

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