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How to reach the emergency service in case of an emergency involving a German citizen after office hours or on weekends.

In case of an emergency involving a German citizen after office hours or on weekends, please call: +1 202-298-4000 .

Please note this emergency service offers assistance only to German citizens needing immediate assistance or if you are calling on behalf of a German citizen who requires immediate assistance. It does not have access to files and can not provide information on the status of passport or visa applications nor answer general inquiries.

Please find some basic emergency information below:

Money lost or stolen?
Please contact the following to find out how to get an immediate money transfer from Germany:

Reisebank AG: www.reisebank.de E-mail: wu@reisebank.de
Western Union: www.westernunion.com or call:

To report lost or stolen credit cards:

American Express+1-800-528-4800

To make a collect call to Germany:

Dial 1-800-292-0049 to reach the German Telekom in Frankfurt. Supply them with your name and the number you wish to reach.

See below for further information for German citizens traveling abroad in case of an emergency (information in German only):

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