Information for holders of a Green Card without expiration date

US-amerikanische Permanent Resident Card
Foto einer US-amerikanische Permanent Resident Card© picture-alliance

Should you not be able to provide a valid visa or valid Green Card (10 year validity), the following documentation to prove your current residence status is accepted:

  • German passport with your last entry stamp (no older than 3 months)
  • I-551/Green Card stamp in the German passport that confirms the validity of the Green Card (to be requested from the USCIS Office; the German passport must still be valid)
  • letter from US immigration office (USCIS.gov) stating that you still have permanent resident status and did not acquire US citizenship
  • order confirmation of a new Green Card: According to US authorities, all Green Card holders were invited to exchange their Green Cards. The application for a new Green Card can be done online at USCIS.gov.. After payment for a new Green Card (approx. USD 450.00), an order confirmation will be issued that can be presented when applying for the German passport.
  • Certificate of Nonexistence of Record of Naturalization – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The application must be made in written and sent to USCIS by postal mail. Please check www.USCIS.gov for the relevant from G-1566.
How do I get a certification of Non-existence of a Record of Naturalization?
How do I get a certification of Non-existence of a Record of Naturalization?© German Embassy Washington DC

“Freedom of Information Act” (FOIA) Request – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

Please indicate the reason for your request as: Proof of LPR Status und/oder N-400

Your application must be sent in online on www.USCIS.gov, for which you will need to establish an online account. Processing your application can take 3-5 weeks, sometimes longer. Please check “How to File a FOIA/PA Request” ) on www.USCIS.gov.

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