German Passport and ID Card

A passport of the Federal Republic of Germany on an atlas with a map of the USA.

Passport of the Federal Republic of Germany, © picture alliance / dpa Themendie


Here you will find the most important information about German passports. This information is meant for the very few German citizens who do not speak German.

For German Citizens only

Please note that you need to book an appointment for your passport application in the online appointment system of the appropriate German mission that is responsible for your home state.

We ask for your understanding that due to the limited capacity we have, we cannot accept applications from citizens who appear without an appointment.

In order to find out which German mission is responsible for accepting your passport application, please have a look at our Consulate Finder

Some Honorary Consuls can also accept your passport applications. Please contact the appropriate Honorary Consul directly to schedule an appointment

Passport application via the Honorary Consul

Honorary Consul Finder

Important Information

The German passport contains a chip on which the finger prints of the passport holder are saved. This applies to all applicants who have reached the age of 6. It is therefore mandatory that you apply for your German passport in person at the appropriate German mission. Any passport application that is mailed in cannot be processed.

The validity of the biometric passport is 6 years for applicants under the age of 24, otherwise 10 years.

Please ensure that

  • the application form is completed
  • that you have the right passport photos (see photo examples and template), and that
  • all the required supporting documentation is submitted

This would expedite the processing time. In some cases, additional information is required, for example when the passport has already expired for years.

Passport applications for which a name declaration still needs to be done cannot be processed.It is therefore essential that you check whether you have to make a name declaration or not. This is for example necessary if you got married since your last passport was issued and you use the last name of your spouse.

A name declaration also needs to be done when you apply for a passport for the first time for your child, and both parents do not have the same last name. More information can be found on our website: Information on Naming Law

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