Finding relatives and friends in Germany


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On data protection grounds, German authorities cannot provide information on places of residence. German Missions are, therefore, not in a position to help finding relatives or friends in Germany. You may find the address you are looking for in the online version of the German telephone directory or via an Internet search. German telephone directory

The US Embassy and Consulates in Germany have also provided some general information and guidelines on how to find relatives and friends in Germany on their website: Website of the US Missions in Germany

The German institutions mentioned below may be contacted to help finding children that were adopted:

Sozialdienst Katholischer Frauen Gesamtverein e. V.

Agnes-Neuhaus-Str. 5

44135 Dortmund

Tel: +49 231 557026-0

E-Mail: info@skf-zentrale.de

Website: www.skf-zentrale.de

Youth Welfare Office (“Jugendamt”)

of each district

Youth Welfare Office (“Landesjugendamt”)

of each state (“Bundesland”)

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