Pensions from Germany (Social Security)


You have worked in Germany, now live in the USA and want to know how to apply for a German pension? This webpage provides information on the application process, pension authorities, possible effects on your US Social Security and more.

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You can find detailed information on the following topics:

Please be advised that the information above is for applicants or recipients of a statutory German pension (social security) payment. Holocaust survivors usually receive restitution payments. These two forms of payments are paid by different authorities. However, survivors who for example worked in a Ghetto might qualify for receiving an old age pension as well. That is why many Holocaust survivors receive both, a restitution and a pension payment.

For information on pensions for Holocaust survivors who worked in a ghetto pursuant to ZRBG (law regulating the conditions for pension payments on the basis of employment in a ghetto), please visit

Financial Compensation for Labor in a Ghetto

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