Life Certificate - “Lebensbescheinigung”


Once a year, pensioners living in the US receive the form “Lebensbescheinigung” (life certificate) requesting confirmation that they are still alive. The pensioner must personally sign this form and have his/her signature certified by an authorized agency or authority of their country of residence.

Due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19-crisis important changes have been implemented as to the requirements for life certificates and proofs of identity for pension and reparation payments. At the moment, the German Missions in the U.S. can only certify life certificates and proofs of identity in a limited capacity. In agreement with the German Foreign Office and the Pension Authorities in Germany these are the current rules and alternatives:

1. BEG reparation

Life certificates can be certified:

•   by a notary public

•   by an attending physician (either on the form directly or through an attached medical confirmation)

•   for residents of a retirement home: by the home's management

•   by a representative of a Jewish Family Service /self-help organization 

2. Deutsche Rentenversicherung /Renten Service

Life certificates for individuals who receive an old age, widow’s or ZRBG (Ghetto work) pension from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung through the Renten Service, it suffices if the pension recipient just signs the life certificate or if the pension recipient  is not fit to sign the life certificate, the document can be signed by a family member/authorized representative. The personal details of that family member/authorized representative must be entered in the designated section.  Life certificates can be returned without a certification/ notarization by mail with the enclosed pre-addressed envelope, or via fax to: 01149 69 65301510865 or by e-mail to the Deutsche Post NL Renten Service in Germany at: LB2021@deutschepost.de. Pension recipients who won’t receive this year’s life certificate, which will be mailed out by the end of June, can use this blank form. For further information please visit the website of the Renten Service directly.

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