Life Certificate - “Lebensbescheinigung”

01.07.2023 - Article

Once a year, pensioners living in the US receive the form “Lebensbescheinigung” (life certificate) requesting confirmation that they are still alive. The pensioner must personally sign this form and have his/her signature certified by an authorized agency or authority of their country of residence.

1. BEG reparation

Life certificates can be certified:

• by a notary public

• by an attending physician (either on the form directly or through an attached medical confirmation)

• for residents of a retirement home: by the home's management

• by a representative of a Jewish Family Service /self-help organization

2. Deutsche Rentenversicherung /Renten Service

Life certificates for individuals who receive an old age, widow’s or ZRBG (Ghetto work) pension from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung will usually receive a life certificate through the Renten Service by mid-August each year.

In case of questions concerning your life certificate please contact your pension authority, indicating your insurance No. at:

Deutsche Post AG

Niederlassung Renten Service

04078 Leipzig


Telephone: +49 221 56 92-777

Telefax: +49 69 6530 1510 865

Pension recipients who have not received this year’s life certificate in time can use this blank form for the purpose of life certification. For further information please visit the website of the Renten Service and check overall information here.

Signature certifications on your life certificate should be made primarily by the following institutions in your home country:

- authorities of your home country such as municipal administrations, police, pension authorites and alike

- banks

- hospitals / Red Cross

- vicarages / rabbinates

In case a pensionist has an important and verifiable reason for not being able to appear for the signature certification him/herself, the pensionst can ask a relative with Power of Attorney to sign the life-certificate for them. Please make sure that personal data of the authorized representative will be indicated on the life certificate.

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