Contact information of the German pension authorities

14.01.2022 - Article

Please contact the pension authority to which you paid your last contribution in Germany. In case payments were made to a regional authority (Landesversicherungsanstalt or Regionalbehörde), the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord will be your point of contact.

If you worked in the mining industry, with the railroad or in seafaring please contact Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft Bahn See.

Please note: Advice on pension matters can only be given in German. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung will do its utmost to re-offer their International Consultation Days after the Corona Pandemic.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund

Ruhrstr. 2
10709 Berlin
Tel.: 01149 30 8651
Fax: 01149 30 86527240



Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord

Dokumentenzentrum Lübeck

23544 Lübeck

Tel.: 01149 451 485 25999

Fax: 01149 451 485 15333

Email: info@drv-nord.de

DE-Mail: info@drv-nord.de-mail.de

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft Bahn See

Pieperstr. 14-28
44789 Bochum
Tel.: 01149 234 3040
Fax: 01149 234 30466050



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