What shall I do if I did not receive my pension or if my address or bank account changed?


What to do if you are missing a pension payment or did not receive your payment within the usual time frame? Please keep in mind that technical, banking or postal difficulties can lead to a slight delay in the processing of a payment. Therefore, we recommend to take action only if your pension payment has not arrived by the 20th of the month. In that case please contact the NL Renten Service who pays most of the German pensions:

Deutsche Post AG

NL Renten Service

D-13496 Berlin

Tel.: 01149 / 221 5692 777

Fax: 01149 / 221 5692 77

NL Renten Service

Email the Rentenservice

When contacting the NL Renten Service, please provide your pension or reference number, and the month(s) for which you did not receive your pension payment. Please note that pension payments for most pensioners are paid in advance for the upcoming month.

If you have moved or changed your bank account, please forward your updated contact or bank account information

or if you receive your pension payment by check and wish to change to direct deposit into your bank account, please fill out the Payment Declaration (Zahlungserklärung) below and return it to the NL Renten Service at the above address.

Payment Declaration

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