Schengen Visa Mail-in Requirements

24.03.2023 - Article
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In case you have been issued a Schengen visa within the past 59 months for which your fingerprints were taken and you used this visa for entering into the Schengen zone, you may contact the service provider BLS International if you’re eligible to send in your application per mail.

If you are residing in the consular jurisdiction of the German Consulate General in Atlanta, you can mail in the documents to this consulate.

Please consider the checklist for postal applications which you can find here:

Checklist Schengen Visa Mail-in

Your envelope has to include the visa fee (80,- EUR payable in USD as per the exchange rate of the day you apply - you will be informed about the current equivalent in USD when contacting your responsible mission), your passport and, in case you wish to have your passport mailed back to you via FedEx/USPS, it also has to include a pre-filled FedEx/USPS slip with your address as well as an additional fee for shipping with FedEx/USPS. Please contact your responsible visa application center for the exact amount.

Your signature on the application form has to be notarized by a notary public. The processing of your application can take up to 4 weeks starting at the time we receive your application; please allow an additional 2-3 business days for FedEx/USPS.

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