Network of German Language Consultants


Assisting teachers through its network of German and American partners spanning the USA, the German Language Consultants open doors to new study and career options and connect students to the business world. They help develop German programs.

Deutschberater: Supporting teachers, schools, and learners of German across the USA!

Info-day at the Goethe-Institut Boston allows German learners to find out about study-abroad and career opportunities in Germany.
Deutschberater© Rebecca Walpuski

The network of German Language Consultants (Deutschberater) support the teaching and learning of German in the U.S. They support German programs at U.S. schools and collaborate with educational and training agencies, professional associations and schools.

The German Language Consultants of the Central Agency for Schools Abroad and Goethe-Institut maintain close ties with German teachers and the German-as-a-foreign-language community, and also with educational administrators and authorities in their respective regions. They consult public schools with German programs in their regions, and also schools with enhanced German programs, i.e. Saturday-, vocational-, and language immersion schools. They offer guidance and support schools and teachers to introduce new German programs and strengthen existing ones. They offer continuing education in relevant subject areas as well as in teaching technique.


  • Consulting on curriculum design, using national and international standard
  • Consulting on nationally and internationally recognized assessments
  • Consulting on selection of instructional materials
  • Consulting on adapting authentic resources to your local context
  • Consulting on globalizing the curriculum
  • Professional development for language teachers
  • Networking opportunities with other German teaching professionals and other German language programs
  • Introductions to the world-renowned German vocational system
  • Support for extra curricular activities


  • Connecting you and your school with German businesses and institutions
  • Promoting the German program in your community
  • Finding guest speakers
  • Connecting your school with German schools


  • Why German is right for your school
  • Scholarships, study abroad and internships
  • German language contests

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