The “Schools: Partners for the Future” Initiative


With over 1,800 PArtner SCHools connected in a worldwide network, PASCH is an international learning community that is not only fostering German language learning, but also making a lasting contribution to cultural exchange and improved mutual understanding.

PASCH: Education creates prospects – multilingualism opens horizons!

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PASCH Menschen Bewegen© Gabriele Schlipf/momik*

In February 2008 the Federal Foreign Office launched the Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) initiative. The aim of PASCH is to create and strengthen a global network of partner schools—1,800 today, and growing—with special links to Germany.

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A worldwide network of partner schools

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In more than 120 countries, PASCH schools arouse and sustain young people’s interest in and enthusiasm for modern-day Germany and the German language. To inspire schools, teachers and students to develop vivid and long-lasting links with Germany while engaging in inter-cultural cooperation, the initiative supports member schools with a broad range of services and special opportunities.

PASCH offers:

Staff and equipment support

  • Teachers and experts from Germany assist the partner schools
  • Schools receive teaching materials and technical equipment

Advice and qualification

  • Teachers of German from around the world take part in training courses and are able to spend time in schools in Germany
  • Students participate in cultural projects and competitions, thus increasing their fluency in German
  • Education administrators are invited to take part in fact-finding tours to Germany
  • Education departments are given advice on how to develop modern curricula for German-language teaching, and schools are advised as to the selection of teaching materials

Language and study scholarships

  • Students have the opportunity to attend courses in Germany
  • Specially gifted pupils are invited to spend a longer period in Germany
  • Qualified graduates receive a scholarship to study at a German university


  • Students and teachers can make contact and improve their German and related knowledge with other German learners and speakers through www.pasch-net.de
  • Schools receive assistance in partnership-building and student exchange with schools in Germany
  • Partner schools network with German universities with a view to their graduates’ subsequent studies

The Success of PASCH in the US

Liz Kaulard
Liz Kaulard's German program is one of the largest in the country.© Liz Kaulard

The success of PASCH in the United States can be seen at Esperanza High School in Anaheim, California, where the German program has grown to one of the largest in the country thanks to the efforts of Liz Kaulard, recipient of the 2011 German Embassy Teacher of Excellence Award. Since receiving the PASCH designation, Kaulard says she noticed a “distinct increase in the number of visitors to Esperanza to see our program in action.” “This has really brought the German-speaking world from the outside right into our classroom–which has been very stimulating for the students and a good learning experience for me as well,” she says. PASCH grants have also allowed Kaulard to acquire new technology, change teaching methods and motivate students. The PASCH website enabled a cooperation project with a German program in Egypt. “Without PASCH, all this would not have been possible,” she says. “Thanks PASCH, and a special Dankeschön to those in the German Foreign Office who created the program.”

Liz Kaulard: 2011 Teacher of Excellence Award Winner

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