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My Family

I live in Nuremberg with my parents and little brother, Philipp. You may already know Philipp thanks to his “Germany for Kids” page. He's 11 years old and in the 5th grade. My parents are Klaus and Sabine. Klaus, my father, is trained electrician with a large firm here. My mother, Sabine, is a teacher at a local bi-lingual school.

My Best Friends

My two best friends are Frederike and Linda. Linda is really good at soccer and we played on the same team when we were little. Now I just play in pick-up games around the neighborhood and cheer Linda on at her games. Frederike is an amazing ballroom dancer and even teaches courses at her dance school. The three of us have been best friends since we were little kids. We love hanging out with each other and have even traveled around Germany together. Now that we're all 16, we're planning our first trip outside of the country together: Italy! Without any brothers, sisters or parents! Even though summer break just started, I can hardly wait until next summer!

Hobbies and Other Fun

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Outside of school I spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends, but I also have my own hobbies. I love photography and got a new camera for my birthday. Sometimes I'll go around town and just take pictures of whatever interests me. Other times I pick a certain area and spend the entire time there trying to capture it on film. Around the city there are lots of parks, which is great because I think my favorite subject is nature.

Recently I started taking karate lessons. So far, I really like them. The different moves take a lot of work and concentration. I also play the clarinet and have been since I was in elementary school.

Additional content

Philipp can tell you about German food, music and other fun things in Germany. Check out “Germany for Kids” and get to know Philipp!

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