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I love listening to music! In Germany I can hear all kinds of music in many different languages and don't even have to leave my bedroom! There are a lot of famous German bands, but you can also hear American music or music from other countries.

I play a lot of the same board and video games that you play in America. The only difference is that they are in German and have different names. This happens for books, too. The books that are famous in America are translated into German and then I can read them. But we also have our own famous German authors, like Walter Moers. He writes about all the adventures of Käpt'n Blaubär (Captain Bluebear).

Some of my favorite TV shows and movies came from America. The biggest hits in America come to Germany just a few months later. I also watch TV shows and movies that are only in Germany. Tigerente is a character by Janosch. First Tigerente was in children's books, but now you can see him on TV, too. Shows like Unser Sandmännchen (Our Sandman) are also lots of fun to watch.

Food & Holidays

Mmmm... I love food and German food is tasty! In fact, you probably know some of the food I eat, such as bratwurst, sauerkraut, gummy bears, and Black Forest Cake. My parents also like to buy some organic food for us to eat. I even get to pick out some of the fruits and vegetables since the new organic store is near our house. Your parents might drink German beer and wine, which are also famous around the world.

Christmas is a very big holiday in Germany. Did you know that Christmas trees, advent calendars, and singing carols such as, “O, Christmas Tree” are all traditions that came from Germany? I get to open my gifts on December 24, before we eat dinner and go to church. Then we keeping celebrating Christmas for 2 more days - December 25 and December 26.

Karneval (Carnival) is another special German season. Clowns and people in costumes lead parades and throw candy and other goodies from floats. It's so much fun! I get to fill up my bag with candy and play with all of my friends. There are also many other local holidays that are celebrated all around Germany. Most of these holidays have a religious background and only happen in a few towns.

Famous People & Sports

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Philipp plays soccer© German Information Center USA

Lots of famous people come from Germany. In school I study music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven, two famous composers who lived a long time ago. When I was little my parents used to read me fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. They also lived a long time ago. In science class I just learned about Albert Einstein, the famous scientist from Germany.

The girls at school talk a lot about Heidi Klum, a famous model. I see her on TV sometimes, but I would rather watch Dirk Nowitzki play basketball or a Forumla One race with Michael Schumacher. Those guys are great! Dirk even plays in the NBA! My mother won't let me watch Michael or Dirk if ice skater Katarina Witt is on TV. My mother really likes Katarina, so I have to go find something else to do.

Fußball (soccer) is sometimes called the national sport of Germany because so many people play it and even more people are fans. Fußball literally means football. Germany has hosted the World Cup, the world championship of soccer, two times. Other sports such as hockey, tennis, skiing, cycling, handball, gymnastics and many more are also popular in Germany.


Germans wear the same everyday clothes as Americans. I wear a t-shirt and jeans to school. If it's cold, I can put on a sweater and my jacket. My mother always tells me to put on my scarf before I go out to play with my friends in the winter. On special holidays in southern Germany, people sometimes wear a Dirndl (traditional women's dress) or Lederhose (traditional men's leather shorts).

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