Germany: Integrating Immigrants


Immigration has shaped Germany. The integration of immigrants poses both challenges and opportunities. This exhibit showcases what immigration looks like in today's Germany.

Integrating Immigrants
Germany: Integrating Immigrants© Germany.info

Germany is a country shaped by immigration. Between 1950 and 2014, 44 million migrants came to Germany. During the same period, 32 million people emigrated from Germany. Migrants make up a slightly bigger share of the population in Germany than in the United States. The recent increase in immigration is a result of both the EU's freedom of movement and the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. As a result, integration is now an important topic in Germany.

“It is very important that we perceive integration as an opportunity for people who chose to migrate to Germany, but also as an expectation that they will learn German and abide by our laws.”

- Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany

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The 29-panel exhibit is available for download.

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