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The Imperial Castle in Nuremberg © dpa
The Imperial Castle in Nuremberg© dpa

Katja lives in Nuremberg, a bustling city in Bavaria with over 500,000 residents. It's the second-largest city in Bavaria and the center of a huge metropolitan region. With its long history and key geographic location in the center of northern Bavaria, along with its current status as a fast-growing business region with residents from around Europe and the world, Nuremberg has plenty to offer.

The Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg) is a well-known symbol of the city. The castle rises above the city and served as the residence for all of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire when they visited the city. Each emperor visited and stayed in the castle from 1050-1571. The Imperial Stables next to the castle have been converted into a youth hostel. The garden area near the castle and stables rank as one of the favorite places to laze away a sunny afternoon for Katja, Frederike and Linda.

Nuremberg is also the home of one of the best preserved examples of medieval tower houses. The Nassau House is thought to have housed ministry officials and has no documented connection with the noble house of Nassau. It belonged to the Schlüsselfelder family after 1581 and when the family line died out the house became the property of the family's foundation, which still owns the house to this day.

The Church of Our Lady and Main Market Square in Nuremberg © Congress- und Tourismus-Zentrale Nürnberg
The Church of Our Lady and Main Market Square in Nuremberg© Congress- und Tourismus-Zentrale Nürnberg

For nature lovers, Nuremberg has plenty to offer. With over 1,000 acres of public parks and gardens, the city's visitors and residents alike can enjoy activities ranging from cycling to pick-up sports to picnics in the many green spaces of Nuremberg. Katja can often be found wandering the parks and gardens with her camera in hand as she documents the nature around her.

There is always something happening in the city. As the school year wound down, Katja's class took a trip to Nuremberg's yearly eco-experience. “BIOerleben Nürnberg” is a showcase for organic and eco-friendly products next to informational seminars and entertainment ranging from music shows to bungee -trampolines. This year Katja and her class watched several cooking demonstrations, learned about several new earth-friendly products and even caught a concert before their day at the festival was over.

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A view of Nuremberg's skyline with the Imperial Castle in the background. © dpa
A view of Nuremberg's skyline with the Imperial Castle in the background.© dpa

Check out Katja's hometown and everything it has to offer. From “Nürnberger Bratwurst” to open air markets to history on every corner, Nuremberg has something to offer people of all ages.

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