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23.07.2021 - Article

Information on how to book appointments at the German Consulate General in Los Angeles

BEFORE booking an appointment, please verify whether you have all necessary documents for the service you require by consulting the service section on our website.

As of December 1, 2022, applications for Schengen visas (C visas) can no longer be submitted at the Consulate General in Los Angeles. Instead, these must be submitted through our external service provider BLS International. To make an appointment and for questions regarding future and current visa applications, please contact BLS International only (Link: https://usa.blsgermanyvisa.com/).

You can book an appointment on our website for the following services:

  • passport (application only, not pick-up!)
  • long-term visas/D visas (no Schengen visas/C visas)
  • notarization of signatures
  • name declarations/registering marriage/birth
  • certification of photocopies
  • pick-up of documents in citizenship matters (retention permit, naturalization, certificate of citizenship)

Click here to book your appointment!

For the following services, you need to contact us via our contact form:

  • applying for certificates in citizenship matters (naturalization/certificate of citizenship)
  • certificate of inheritance
  • pension/restitution payments

Click here to go to the contact form!

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